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A Past Life Regression is Always Fascinating


This is what happens when human beings are connected to their deepest wisdom


In our search for understanding in an uncertain world, we have many questions. What happens after death? Why are we here? Where did we come from? Are there parallel universes?  Have I lived before?  How many dimensions are there?  Are there extra terrestrials?  Is there time and space outside of this 3-dimensional world?


In regression work, we ask these questions to move beyond the conscious mind into the deeper states of awareness. In these deeper states, we have access to ALL information that exists, including information about whether we have lived before, who we were, what planet was our home, what our future might entail, what happens after death. We find the reasons for current illness might have been the result of an injury centuries ago or the manifestation of a blocking belief we currently hold. We connect with loved ones who have passed or ascended masters with messages for the world. 


There are NO limits to the information and the healing that can occur in a past life regression session. In fact, even the term past life regression limits the reality of what can emerge in a session. Often the regression piece is the tip of the iceberg, the story that invites us into accessing information that goes well beyond the past life itself. We move beyond the question of whether it is true into pure curiosity about what information and guidance lies beneath the conscious mind gate keeper of our daily experience. 


There are specific steps in facilitating a regression experience, from the induction to the death scene to the lessons that life can teach us about this life. And it can be so much more.


I had my first past life session in 2003, during a difficult time in my life. Like many people, I turned to a regression as a last resort, looking for answers on how to handle the enormity of my crisis. The session itself did not yield a clear past life, but something miraculous happened. I was able, through the experienced hands of my practitioner, to access images and wisdom beyond my very active conscious mind, deep within me, shifting my energies into a new, exponentially more resourceful direction. In fact, it is through this experience that I began my own journey as a regression practitioner. 


I was incredibly fortunate, through timing, luck and intention, to have trained with some of the leading regression therapists, those who found their way during a time when it was relatively unheard of. Henry Bolduc, "The Journey WIthin", was my first teacher in 2004. Right on the heels of that training, I began several years of study with Roger Woolger, who developed his signature method of Deep Memory Process, a highly experiential and somatic release therapy using past live therapy as the means to release significant trauma  from the energetic and physical body.  


I found Dolores Cannon, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy, in 2011 and personally trained with her in 2012 -14 before her passing in 2014. As a level 3 practitioner in QHHT, I have facilitated hundreds of sessions and experienced profound emotional and physical healings through her work. 


In addition, I trained with the Michael Newton Institute in 2017, and am certified as a Life Between Lives therapist, helping to guide people not only into current and past life memory, but into the spirit world of between lives where we meet our soul groups, council of elders and discover why we chose to incarnate into this life, at this time.


And as a beautiful addition to my Past Life experiences, I also trained with Mira Kelley, who facilitated a regression with Wayne Dyer. Her work and voice are imbued with soul.


To schedule a Past Life session, QHHT or LBL, contact Candace.


Screen Shot 2020-05-04 at 3.33.08 PM.png
Henry Bolduc

“Deep within each of us is a timeless, sensitive soul seeking to unfold and open to the light. I call this unfolding the human adventure...It is my belief that past-life studies are among the most important on-going research of our time. This work is the leading edge of exploration for our new millennium. Humanity is now seeing the larger picture and reaching towards a vast new level of human realization.”

Screen Shot 2020-05-04 at 3.33.17 PM.png
Roger Woolger

"You don't have to interpret," he says, "and you don't have to believe in reincarnation. Just accept that the unconscious mind will always come up with a story when healing is required. The important thing is the release of what he calls "locked-up energies".

"From nearly a decade of taking clients and colleagues through past life experiences and continuing my own personal explorations, I have come to regard this technique as one of the most concentrated and powerful tools available to psychotherapy short of psychedelic drugs."

Screen Shot 2020-05-04 at 3.33.33 PM.png
Dolores Cannon

“With Quantum Healing Hypnosis, we remove the conscious mind interference and work from the deepest possible level of trance, thus we can find the cause of the problem enabling instant healing. This is a much more advanced technique...I have regressed thousands of people and most of those have experienced instant healing."

Screen Shot 2020-05-04 at 3.33.45 PM.png
Michael Newton

“During our lives all of us will experience opportunities for change which involve risk. These occasions may come at inconvenient times. We may not act upon them, but the challenge is there for us. The purpose of reincarnation is the exercise of free will. Without this ability, we would be impotent creatures indeed.” 

Screen Shot 2020-05-04 at 3.34.00 PM.png
Mira Kelley

“Your Higher Self is an extension of your soul that exists in the higher dimensions; it is not oriented in physical reality the way your mind is. Your Higher Self holds the themes, goals, and overall vision for your current life. It carries the energy vibration of your soul, allowing you to connect and align with your vibrational essence and purpose."

Candace Has Had The Privilage to Work With These


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