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We Have No Limits Other Than The Ones


From my earliest memories, I would look at the sky, fascinated by the stars, hoping to see something move.  As soon as I was old enough to hear about such things, I read everything I could on UFO's, knowing they belong here and are part of my heritage. I searched for them constantly. I still do. I remember how happy I was when Sputnick, the very first satellite, moved across the sky and my entire family watched. Finally, I thought. 


However, as a rule, no one in my world paid attention to these things. I was their "free spirit". So I turned to my imagination and books to help me connect to the knowing that there is so much more to our life here than we've been taught. I started with the Seth books, Ruth Montgomery, Shirley Maclaine, Edgar Cayce and more.  Today, these concepts and truths have moved into the mainstream where they belong, but they were my foundation years and years ago. 


By luck or design, I married into a family that actually communicated with ET's and I finally could have conversations about them and even with them! It fed so much of my soul, and validated the longing I'd carried since I could remember. 


As my family grew, in 1990 an event changed my life. A friend of mine experienced a domestic assault and within hours I began volunteering with the local women's shelter.  Through my 25 years of service there, teaching about dating violence, running crisis support groups, truths emerged. Your beliefs about yourself will be reflected in your environment. A spiritual connection to something bigger than you is the road to freedom. You can't heal without the right support. You have to ask for what you need. Safety and trust begin in your relationship to Self, not other. And so much more.


So, as my 3 beautiful children grew, so did my commitment to helping others see the reality of who they are and what they can create.  I got my masters in counseling with a focus on trauma. I became a grief coach, a forgiveness coach. I studied how the mind works and became an NLP master practitioner and a certified hypnotherapist. Eventually I added interfaith minister to the mix. I am a Reiki master and use energy modalities in my work. I am a student and teacher of the Enneagram, a system of looking and personality through a spiritual lens. I am a consultant with the Proctor Gallagher Institute, an organization devoted to personal growth, wealth and freedom. 


Consistent themes have emerged. It is accepted that we are energetic beings, that the world is nothing but energy moving. And as human beings we have certain gifts that allow us to manipulate that energy with our thoughts and our imaginations. We have free will to choose what we think and thus what we create. Most people are unaware of just how conditioned they are in the lives they lead and the habits they've formed.


We have no limits other than those we create for ourselves. To understand our limits and move beyond them takes 3 forms. One, repetition of thought moves us into habit and belief, which creates the limitation.  Repetition of new thoughts and beliefs will remove the limitation and create new horizons.  Two, significant events, particularly traumatic ones, can create new beliefs in just minutes about safety, trust and self-expression. Which we then begin to repeat. And third, (this one is actually present in the first two) altered state experience. When we are in trance, outside of the 5% of conscious thought, the mind will accept as truth what it creates or is given. This is the basis of hypnotic work.


Through my own moments of personal crisis, I lived these realities and saw the power of them to help me contract or expand. I am grateful for each challenge, knowing that without them, I would not be doing the work I am doing today.


I have taken the things that helped me the most as I went through a divorce and an unraveling of self.   Some of these are foundational pieces of my coaching. But the piece that has been consistent, powerful and life changing is the Past Life Regression work, across several teachers. 


During my divorce in the early 2000's, I had my first regression experience. From there I trained with wonderful teachers, (see past life regressions) and found that not only were there profound insights and emotional healing, there was the potential for miraculous physical healing. The mind and the body work as one.


In 2012 I found Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy and trained with Dolores Cannon in 2012-14 and have been using her method primarily since.  I am now a level 3 practitioner, certified by her daughter and the Academy that my sessions are performed exactly as Dolores performed hers. See The QHHT Experience.


As the world transforms and we become more aware of the inequalities and dysfunctionality of the world we've created and live within, it is essential that we now look within for the truth of who we are and what we can create. We are unlimited potential. We are created from a loving and creative Source energy.    We are one with this beautiful planet and it is our responsibility to protect and care for her with respect and love. 


We can and must ensure that we and every human are safe to express who we are, encouraged to embrace our worthiness and inherent goodness and compelled to act on behalf of our planet, our humanity and the Source that created us.  Let's all do what we came here to do - to help humanity move into the higher dimensions of self-love, freedom to express our soul's longing with compassion and care for all living things.

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