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Am I 


Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” 
- Albert Einstein


Am I Making It Up?


Consistent across all regression modalities and techniques is the use of the imagination, that part of us that is activated when the conscious mind steps aside. 


Many wonder if they are "making it up". We think that making it up invalidates the information, somehow, when, in fact, it is proof that the process is working! The imagination is the vehicle the Higher Self uses to deliver the experience and information that will most resonate with and is most appropriate for you.


The conscious mind may analyze and judge the experience as "not real". Dolores called the conscious mind "Mr. Stupid" because it does not create, it only analyzes from a very limited range. The conscious mind is aware of only 5% of what is within us. Its limited knowing will attempt to invalidate the information. The conscious mind cannot do this work.


The imagination is active at night while you are dreaming. It has access to the symbols, images and pictures that the Higher Self will use to get your attention in your search for personal understanding and healing.


Play with your imagination as much as you can. Imagine your future life, imagine an elephant walking up the road, imagine a child leading you through a garden to a hidden treasure, imagine meeting your guide or higher self, imagine yourself on a magic carpet, imagine yourself as a tree and holding birds on your branches.    


The imaginative realm is infinite and essential. Everything that humanity has created began in the imagination, whether it is a chair, a rocket to the moon, a romantic relationship, healing of the body. It is the limitless frontier of what is possible. And it is within each of us, waiting to be expressed.   


Your regression experience is an imaginative experience. Yes, it is real. But because the conscious mind had no part in it, you will think you made it up. Trust that your experience is handpicked for you from your Higher Self, or SubConscious (SC) and has within it the power to restore you to full emotional and physical health.

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