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How to Prepare for Your



Your Higher Self guided you into creating this QHHT experience for yourself. You listened, found your practitioner and scheduled the session. So you are already connecting beautifully.  Here are some things that will help you maximize your QHHT experience.


1.  Remember that your higher self is working with you before, during and after the session. You are not alone, have never been alone and your session is the opportunity for you feel the connection that has always been part of your human experience.


2.  Set your intention for the session, and then LET GO of any expectations. Your intention may be to know your purpose, get direction on a relationship, heal a physical issue.  Whatever it is, know that your Higher Self is quite aware of what it is that will best serve you. Now you can relax, let go and let the process unfold organically and easily. 


3.  Bring your list of questions. Many people come into sessions with lists that range from one question to a full page or so. It might be helpful to separate your lists into one for physical or health issues and one for emotional or personal life issues. Put the priority issues at the beginning. Please handwrite or type your lists onto paper as I may ask to see and use them during the session.

Sample questions may include but are not limited to:

  • What is my life purpose?  Am I on the right path?  What do I need to pay attention to?

  • Why was I born into this family?  What am I meant to learn?

  • I have a career decision to make - what do I need to think about?

  • What do I need to do to bring love or a partner into my life?

  • I'm thinking about moving.  What do I need to focus on in making this decision?

  • The world seems upside down right now.  What are the best thoughts or actions I can take?

  • Why do I have this illness?  What is the message I'm meant to receive?  What steps do I need to take to release this from my life?

  • Some people ask general questions about the New Earth, or humanity's evolution. 


We will go over these questions in the interview and you may even find that some of them get answered even before you move into the session itself!  Almost without exception, clients will leave with less attachment to the questions they brought and more trust in the wisdom of their own knowing and potential.


4.  Do not drink alcohol the day before or of the session and limit any caffeine. If you are used to drinking 3 cups, have one or none. Drinking a lot of water the day before the session will help to flush out your body, hydrate you and elevate your energies into having a clear connection. 


5.  Eat lightly before you come in, and/or bring a light snack if you need to eat at regular intervals. We could be together for up to 6 hours. If you smoke, see if you can forego the cigarette break for the time we are together. 


6.  In the days or weeks before your session, give your imagination some free rein. Draw, daydream, pretend, vision an amazing future. The imagination is the bridge between the conscious mind and the higher self and the more comfortable you feel with how it works, the more fun you will have in your session.  More about "Am I Making It Up? 


7.  Tune into some Dolores videos or books, for the pure fun and energetic connection of being in her energy.  She is present in every session so connecting with her beforehand is a delight to all.


8.  KNOW you are going to have a great session and look forward to having a day just for you!

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