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Joy, Abundance, Peace and 


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Life Happens For & Through You


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Candace Pedicord, MS, CHT, is an exceptional coach and past life regressionist. Her intuitive blend of spirituality, psychology and deep curiosity is a breath of fresh air to those seeking answers. Her work is not therapy, but still addresses core issues of grief and loss. Traumatic memory is honored and explored through regression work and coaching. Goals are imagined and brought into being. Lives transform. 


Whether it is a QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) experience that you are seeking, or a deep dive coaching experience, or both, you will experience a profound shift in your awareness of who you are and how deeply loved and supported you are.  You are more than you ever dreamed.  All life is designed to open your hearts.  Every experience Candace offers is  expressly designed to help you remember that you are here on Earth as the highest expression of love and compassion and unlimited creativity.  A QHHT session and/or dedicated commitment to transformational deep dive coaching will remind you that.

"There are no limitations, unless you create them yourselves. Anything is possible. 

You are only limited by your own imagination." 

- Dolores Cannon


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Your Life's Purpose Will Be Awakened Through


Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique ( QHHT® ), is a beautiful, deep and transformational technique for healing. Developed by Dolores Cannon over decades of research and practice, this technique is far more than a past life regression. It takes you beyond a simple past life into communication with the part of you that loves you completely, knows what you can do to reach your full potential and can heal the emotional and physical imbalances that you may be experiencing in  this lifetime. We call this part our Higher Self, Dolores called it the SubConscious, or SC. 

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You Can Shift Any Limited Believe Through


A Spirited Life Is

  • Commitment to knowing yourself without apology or defense

  • Releasing blame and judgment for anything that occurs in your life

  • Willingness to play with and transform the assumptions and conditioning that have molded you

  •  Courage to author a life you’ve dreamed of but have never taken the time or initiative to create

  • Connecting to yourself, your loved ones, your community, with an open heart and vulnerability

  • Recognition that finding the right support is essential in manifesting your dreams 


You are the light we've been waiting for. You've experienced the pain and the challenges and the heartbreak of being human and yet, here you are, knowing there is more to learn, to forgive, to share.  You are listening to the call of your soul to open your heart and live life fully and joyfully.


It is our privilege and honor to lead you forward while having your back. This is the step you know is next.  What you do with it is up to you. Let's talk.  

We both will learn so much.


Let me know you want to create a conversation and we'll begin.



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In our search for understanding in an uncertain world, we have many questions. What happens after death? Why are we here? Where did we come from? Are there parallel universes?  Have I lived before?  How many dimensions are there?  Are there extra terrestrials?  Is there time and space outside of this 3-dimensional world?


In regression work, we ask these questions to move beyond the conscious mind into the deeper states of awareness. In these deeper states, we have access to ALL information that exists, including information about whether we have lived before, who we were, what planet was our home, what our future might entail, what happens after death. We find the reasons for current illness might have been the result of an injury centuries ago or the manifestation of a blocking belief we currently hold. We connect with loved ones who have passed or ascended masters with messages for the world.

A Past Life Regression is Always Fascinating


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