About Candace

I am richly blessed. From early childhood I have known there is much, much more to this process of living than we are conditioned to believe. There is a space, infinite and loving, which guides us always. It is our path and our birthright to move out of the defenses and strategies we adopted as young humans and invite ourselves into the limitless expanse of who we are as energetic and spiritual beings. We are unlimited potential.

I did not always believe this. My upbringing taught me instead that the world was unpredictable, unsteady and unsafe. Yet, deep within me, there has always been a seeking for something that made sense, a knowing that there is so much more to our existence than was visible. We are never alone. When we learn to partner with the Divine energies that created us, life takes on a richness of experience.

Although I hold a master’s degree in counseling, and have practiced traditional therapy for many years, often around issues of abuse and relationship, in my non-traditional path toward supporting others in transition, I have been drawn to the metaphysical, quantum and energetic realms of psychology. In short, I believe that we are composed of energetic vibrations. Our thoughts, beliefs and behaviors resonate at frequencies that create our external realities from our internal experience. Science can measure these frequency correlations and now offers substantial and compelling evidence to support theories that allow for expanded potential and possibility for all human beings.

In support of these beliefs, I have been formally trained in the following disciplines, often by the developers of the modalities: Emotional Freedom Techniques – “acupuncture” for the emotions
Seemorg Matrix Work – Chakra based healing modality to clear traumatic experience
Healing From the Body Level Up – Blend of kinieseology, NLP and Energy modalities
DMP – Deep Memory Process, somatic release work through Past life and shamanic journeys
NLP – NeuroLinguistic Programming, Master Practitioner, Time Line therapy
Hypnotherapist, certified
EMDR – Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing
Enneagram Personality – a psychological-spiritual typing system to move from ego to essence.
Reiki Master
Counseling– Master’s Degree, trauma certification
Life Coach – Certified with Coach Training Alliance (CTA)
Radical Forgiveness Coach – Radical Forgiveness Institute with Colin Tipping
Grief Coach – Grief Coach Academy, Grief Recovery Institute
Interfaith Minister – Ordained with Circle of Miracles Church
Matrix Energetics – practitioner
Y.O.U. – Founder of the SpiritYOUality peace method.

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