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Living A Spirited Life can be miraculous. The Course in Miracles states that creating miracles are the result of “removing the blocks to the awareness of love’s presence, … your natural inheritance. “ Love is all encompassing, the substance from which all things are made. Thus living a Spirited Life is a constant reminder that you are love, not fear. This shift in attention will promote freedom of choice, support emotional and physical healing and create over and over, peace within.

I don’t want to mislead you. This is not about waving a magic wand and having everything fall into place. You have spent many years arranging your life to be exactly as it is. Your life has been filled with peace and pain, joy and sorrow, the natural polarities of life. Exploring a Spirited Life approach will help if, on some level, you are feeling that something is missing, that there is a block, that you were meant for more, that your relationships might be more fulfilling. A Spirited Life approach can help you reframe basic assumptions and beliefs, opening your awareness into a world that is designed to give you exactly what you ask for. And everything you create, both difficult and joyous, is perfectly designed to open your heart.


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